November 11, 2016
The simplified invoice also bears the name of the invoice with limited content. According to the Tax Code, Article 319 provides that any taxable entity that has the obligation to issue invoices or that is not obliged to issue invoices, but chooses to issue invoices, can issue simplified invoices.

This type of invoices can be issued taking into account the following conditions:

1) when the value of invoices, including VAT, is not more than 100 euros.

2) in the case of documents or messages treated as the invoice.

The mandatory information to be included in the invoices issued in the simplified system is:

(a) the date of issue;
(b) identification of the taxable person who supplied the goods or services;
(c) identification of the type of goods or services supplied;
(d) the amount of the tax collected or the information necessary for its calculation;
e) in the case of documents or messages treated as the invoice, a specific and clear reference to the original invoice and the specific details that change.
In addition, according to an order of the Ministry of Public Finance, after consulting the VAT Committee, this type of invoices can be issued, if in administrative or commercial practice in the field of activity involved or the technical conditions for issuing invoices make it necessary to enter all mandatory information. Also, the amount written on the invoice can be more than 100 euros, including VAT, but less than 400 euros.

A simplified invoice utility is given by the fact that it can be used in case of a change of an original invoice. In the new simplified invoice it is necessary, however, to specify the specific reference to the invoice that changes.

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