Nexia International (Nexia), the 10th largest network of independent auditing and consulting firms, received the “Rising Star Network” award at the award ceremony hosted by the International Accounting Bulletin in 2013. The awards are based on excellence, performance and innovative practices. Nexia saw exceptional growth in 2012, with total revenues of $ 2.8 billion, up 22% from the previous year. Thus, Nexia has consolidated its position among the top 10 audit and consulting networks in the world. The recruitment of companies with high quality standards, operating in key global and emerging markets, has been of significant importance for the success of the network, along with several revolutionary domestic initiatives. These include: • A performance and development-oriented framework • Cross-border databases that support recommendations between member firms • Nexia Independence Monitoring Program (Nimo) – a tool developed to help identify conflicts of interest between member firms. With a firm re-entry into the top 10 networks listed by IAB, the jury saw Nexia as the perfect network for the annual “Rising Star Network” award. Jury members also appreciated Nexia’s ability to serve its members through innovative initiatives. They are designed to help companies meet global standards, retain staff and identify new business opportunities. ” Ana Györkös, IAB Kevin Arnold, CEO of Nexia International, said: “We are thrilled to have won the IAB Rising Star Network award in the face of strong competition. The award reflects the successful implementation of our strategy and our ongoing commitment to supporting member firms, while focusing on growing the network globally. ” Independent members of the IAB jury included: Sir David Tweedie, former chair of the International Accounting Bulletin Board (IAB), currently chair of the Scottish Institute of Chartered Accountants, and Sue Almond, technical director of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Accountants ( UK).