December 8, 2017

The year 2018 will bring a number of tax changes on income from self-employment.

Here’s what to remember in the case of income from self-employment:

Individuals who simultaneously earn wage income and income from self-employment are no longer exempt from the CASS payment;
A globalization will be achieved for the whole year of these revenues from all sources (liberal professions, investments, associations, rents, agricultural activities, other sources, etc.) in order to establish the monthly CASS of 10%;
The monthly ceiling will be at the level of a gross minimum wage per country, i.e. 1900 lei, from 01.01.2018;
This means a total annual ceiling of 22,800 lei ( 1900×12) and CASS due annually of 2,280 lei- regardless of whether the income level exceeds 22,800 lei;

If the level of annual income is lower than the above ceiling will not be due to CASS;
The contribution will be determined by the IRS on the basis of a declaration to be filed by the taxpayers by 31 January;
No more prepayments of CASS
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