February 23, 2017
The decision to start a business must be based on an analysis of the profitability of the industry in which you want to grow, in order to increase the chances of success of that business. Of course, this is only a first step and it is important to do it correctly and assumed, considering a business plan.

A recent study showed that in Romania entrepreneurship is on an upward trend and brings to the fore the areas that fit very well to start a business.
Here are the areas where small businesses are most profitable:

Fashion and clothing
A profitable field for small businesses that benefits creative people. It requires good branding, making products with a design that is noted, and the materials must be of very good quality. The popularity of this field lies in the fact that there are more and more customers of all ages who want to buy local and outstanding products as a design.

HoReCa Domain
People are increasingly looking for authentic experiences whether they are close to home or traveling. Thus, hotels and small places can have high revenues, if they invest in a concept that attracts the target audience.

Domeniul IT
Companies in this area provide services that the market cannot be deprived of, and our country has an impressive number of specialists willing to leave giant corporations for small companies

It’s an area where small businesses can thrive. The growing demand for local products has made local businesses in this area thrive year on year, especially on certain cultures. A lot of entrepreneurs have set up businesses with niche products and crops.

If you are planning to start a business or are already developing one, it is important to have a reliable partner who will give you the information you need, whether it is a business plan, tax consulting or accounting reporting activities.