January 16, 2017

Minister of Business and Cometer Florin Jianu announced last week that Form 088 will be eliminated in order to bureaucratically unburden businesses and encourage investors. And on Friday, January 13, 2017, the document repealing Form 088 was published Friday evening in the Official Gazette. The entry into force of the order repealing Form 088 is 1 February 2017, until this date the new procedure will be updated, as well as the computer applications

Form 088 was introduced on 1 February 2015 by an ANAF order. Firms applying for VAT registration also had to complete form 088 – Declaration on their own responsibility for assessing the intention and ability to carry out economic activities involving VAT operations. In this form, 20 criteria were imposed for the evaluation of companies that applied for registration for VAT purposes or was necessary each time the headquarters, shareholders or directors of a commercial company were changed. The removal of this form came after a repeated request from the business community throughout 2016.

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