14 April 2020

Ebner Stolz  (one of the strategic partner of Nexia CRG in the international network of Nexia International) has published a compilation of the most important country-specific measures in connection with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, named:


This report summarizes the measures taken by selected countries to deal with the economic consequences of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), focusing on tax and, where appropriate, social security legislation. The summary is mainly based on announcements by governments and authorities as well as on information from our NEXIA partners abroad.

The information and documents (e.g. newsletters in English) that we receive from our NEXIA partners are collected centrally and will be made available to you upon request. If required, we will also be pleased to establish contact with colleagues of NEXIA partners abroad.

Disclaimer: The legal and general information situation regarding the measures taken changes daily. Therefore, single aspects may quickly become outdated and should always be checked for actuality and validity. The information contained herein is of a general nature and is based on information that is subject to change. The applicability of the information to specific situations should be checked by a local tax advisor.

For more information please visit the Ebner Stolz website: https://www.ebnerstolz.de/