September 29, 2016

When you want to increase your customer base, streamline production costs or expand your business abroad, you need entrepreneurship, with a methodical and planned approach to the necessary actions. Even if you are not aware of the legislative aspects of the country in which you want to expand, this should not be an impediment to the development plans of your business. Rely on our professionals to get all the information you need. Being part of Nexia International, one of the advantages of collaborating with us is that we can offer you consultancy regarding the Romanian business environment, if you want to expand here. Also, for Romanian businesses that want to expand abroad, we turn to colleagues in the network who can support you to integrate into the local business environment. With us you can have access to accounting services, tax consulting and business consulting. At the same time, we support you in managing the aspects related to human resources and salary and consulting for expats. We put the expertise and experience in the national and international legislative field to work for the good development of your business, as follows: We analyze the market opportunities for the products and services you offer We strategically approach your business plan, so that you have long-term commercial success We customize the management structure to be aligned with the growth ambitions of the business Through our activity, your business will evolve in a healthy way and will have value We are constantly up to date with legislative updates in the field and we have international know-how, which brings concrete and immediate advantages for the evolution of your company. Many entrepreneurs and directors of multinational companies have recognized that they have a great competitive advantage by outsourcing financial-accounting processes, allowing them to focus on their core business. Whatever the challenges or needs of your company, we expect you to discuss and we will provide you with the necessary advice, so that you can make the most appropriate decisions for the evolution of your business.

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