Junior Auditor

Department: Audit
Project Location(s): Bucharest
Education: Bachelor’s or higher degree

1.1. Key attributes & competencies

  • Ability to work with deadlines;
  • Good communication across all levels of business;
  • Team player;
  • Organization;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Analytical mind;
  • Strong systems skills;
  • Integrity & trust
  • Organizational agility
  • Patience
  • Problem solving
  • Time management
  • Highly detail oriented
  • Advanced English communication skills
  • Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with all levels of employees, management, and external agencies to maximize performance, creativity, problem solving and results.

1.2. Required qualifications:

  • Degree of higher education in Law/Accounting or Financial;
  • Experience working with the Microsoft Office package;
  • 1-2+ industry experience;
  • Good command of English.

1.3. Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Performing analytical procedures – comparisons between years, evolutions throughout the year – indicators, balances, etc.; processing of received information and documents (check balances, log book)
  • Tracking the procedures used by the client for the preparation of supporting documents, their circulation and accounting systems
  • Participation in inventory operation with clients
  • Application of detailed tests, conduct of conformity tests, confrm allocation of working sections;
  • Collecting the necessary evidence to draw conclusions and express opinions on financial statements;
  • Proper documentation of worksheets;
  • Application of national financial audit rules (fundamental procedures and principles underlying the activity);
  • Ensure that all accounting records correctly transpose actual operations (checking the reality of the records);
  • Falls within the work schedule and within the set deadlines.
  • The application of tests on the continuity of activity, as well as events after the balance sheet date;
  • Participate in the preparation of the adjustment situation;
  • Participate in the general review of the client’s financial statements.