Financial Audit

  • Audit in accordance with International
    Standards on Auditing (ISA) adopted by
    the Romanian Chamber of Financial
    Auditors (CAFR) as national auditing
    standards or with other generally
    accepted auditing standards
  • Compliance audit (NBR, RERA, etc.) in
    accordance with the requirements of
    various regulatory institutions

Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services

  • Drafting the financial statements in
    accordance with IFRS or other recognized
    accounting standards (US or UK GAAP)
  • Certification, consultancy in the field of
    accounting and financial reporting
  • Audit of non-reimbursable funds
    (European Funds and State Aid)
  • Accounting Policy Manuals (OMF1802.
    IFRS, Group Packages)
  • Reconstruction projects of fixed assets
    registers, restoration of the costing
    model, etc.

Risk Assurance Services

  • Internal Audit
  • Risk and Regulatory Services
  • Cyber Security, Data Privacy and Digital
  • Data Assurance
  • Systems and Process Assurance