October 10, 2016 The other day, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration announced through its representative Dragos Doros, during a meeting with the representatives of foreign investors, that “ANAF is moving online”. Thus, ANAF wants to transform itself into a modern, digitized institution, which will facilitate the taxpayers’ access to the fiscal provisions. Also, a change of image is desired, by improving the communication of the officials with the representatives of the companies, offering them the assistance regarding practical aspects of the fiscal legislation.

At this meeting, some extremely important aspects for the good conduct of business were also discussed, which aim at: Simplification of VAT procedures: registration, declaration, payment Reducing the administrative burden in the fiscal area Using technology in communication with taxpayers Transparency of ANAF regarding the criteria of the risk analysis when registering for VAT purposes or cancellation of the VAT code All this would lead to the creation of a more flexible business environment, with a better understanding of the approach to fiscal processes, as well as to the increase of Romania’s competitiveness in the region. In addition, they will have the consequence of attracting foreign companies by simplifying the understanding of the fiscal legislative framework. These approaches are very good because they support the development of the business environment. If in the activity of your business you face obstacles of fiscal procedure, we invite you to contact us, to find together the best solutions for the well-being of your business.

News source: WallStreet