January 24, 2018
If you own a company, then you certainly know that it is absolutely mandatory to use the services of an accountant to keep records of the financial-accounting activities of the company. In order to ensure a good conduct of accounting activity, but also to avoid penalties due to delays to state institutions, we thought to make a short list in which to include the documents that you have to submit to your accountant month by month:

Purchase and sale invoices – these must include the full data of the supplier and buyer. This type of documents can also be sent by email, the signature and stamp are no longer mandatory.
Tax vouchers – they will necessarily have the stamp of the issuing company. Fuel tax vouchers will also have your company’s unique registration code (CUI);
Receipts and/or tax receipts – these documents are issued at the time of payment of invoices in cash or by card;
Bank statement
On the basis of these documents is carried out by the monthly balance book. Quarterly tax returns are also issued and filed with ANAF. And once a year the data are centralized in the form of annual financial statements and are also submitted to ANAF.

Why is it important to submit these documents monthly? Because they are recorded in chronological order in the general ledger. Up-to-date evidence of documents provides you with comfort in the case of tax controls and you can make informed financial decisions.

We are at your disposal to take care of all the financial-accounting aspects of your company, so that it thrives.